The Company Autoteile Akkaya, located in Hamburg, was founded in the year 2002 by Mister Oktay Akkaya.

Additionally to his studies of computer sciences Mr. Akkaya dealed at the beginning of his business with used VW parts.

With the successful ending of his studies in the year 2008 Mr. Akkaya concentrated hisself to his company.

The main focus of the company changed from body parts to mechanical parts. And also more new parts were dealed than used parts.

The business activities were extended from national to international and also from B2C to B2B.

By visiting on location and trade shows important business relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of leading Automotive Industry companies were established.

Over the years the core competence of the company became the business with spare parts from surplus

Our main business: Dealing with surplus parts

Reduction of product development cyclus
The increasing competition between the Automotive Manufacturers has led to a reduction of development cyclus of vehicle models. After presenting a new model on the market, normally a facelift version comes out within two years. Within further 2-3 years a new vehicle model comes out. The shortened product development cycle is a big challenge for the Automotive Manucfacturers and their suppliers. In many cases parts will be produced which won't be used again.

Surplus materials debit balance of companies
Spare parts which can't be used by Automotive Manufacturers or their suppliers are a handicap for the balance of this companies. Beside the production costs for storage and also for recycling of the parts originates. This costs must be written down by the companies.

We are buying surplus materials. This is profitable for the manufacturers as costs for storage and/or recycling of the parts aren't to apply and there can be also proceeds for the surplus materials.

The writing-offs can fell out lesser or can be omitted so that the balance of the companies is rested.

We are getting the spare parts below the regular listing price and we give the price benefit to our clients.

Our famous supplier is Volkswagen AG.

Our business principles

The most important capital of our company is trust.

We don't mention names of clients or suppliers. Incoming offers are absolutely confident. We don't send part lists to mass of potential buyers. We always select the clients.

We only send lists of parts that we have or of those which we can supply in short time.

Purchase and Sell on account

We buy on prepayment if we have seen the parts before and if there is a mutual trust. Otherwise we purchase on account. After checking and counting the parts will be paid immediately.
We sell on prepayment if the client is new. After several successful businesses we can sell also on account.