We are looking for suppliers with whom we would like to build a sustainable business relationship.

As mentioned earlier, the core business is the worldwide trade with new, good as new and used spare parts from excess inventory, overproduction, surplus, bankruptcies and test vehicles. The product range of traded parts is listed here ...

As a supplier for this purpose automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, workshops, independent parts distributors, liquidators and insurers are questioned. More details in Suppliers

The procedure for buying has become a routine. Here you can read individual steps from the creation of the part list creation to the logistics. See Method


Automobile manufacturer and their supplier
We are interested in a sustainable cooperation with automobile manufacturers and their suppliers.

Annual volumes of surplus production lead to high storage costs and tie up a lot of equity.

A scrapping of excess inventories leads to a complete write-off and other disposal costs, which burdens the Company balance sheets.

This can be prevented. We buy overstocks. Together we will go through the stock and negotiate a fair price. Relevant data are part number, quantity and the condition.

In addition to excess inventory we buy also parts which are defective parts too. These can be used for remanufacturing.

Not only the cash flow of your business is relieved, but by reusing valuable resources the environment will be protected too.

Branches and workshop
Your customers had ordered parts and but they didn't picked them up?

At the end of your inventory is overflowing ?

Fixed capital, ongoing storage costs, potential disposal costs and complete write-off burdens the Company balance sheets?

We can help you. Please contact us here ...

Independent spare part dealers
You are also a spare part dealer and you are dealing with surplus parts?

You are looking for a reliable client? Then are exactly right with us. Please contact us.



A big mixed lot of spare parts

If available you as a potential supplier send us a list with the part numbers, quantites (or weight), the condition of the parts and your price expactation.

As we are only dealing with genuine parts or parts from the aftermarket of original equipment manufacturers we need the OEM part numbers for identifying the parts.

If there is no list from possible suppliers available, we have to appreciate the value of the lot. For larger lots an inspection of the parts is required.

The state of the parts distinguishes between...

- New in genuine box
- New in industrial box
- New, not boxed
- Used but okay
- Used for reconditioning

For a fair assessment of the lot we have to research this questions:
- How is the sales potential of the procuct?
- For which market are the parts suitable?
- How long we have to keep the parts in the warehouse?
- Which proceeds of a sale can we expect?

Taking into account the evaluation criteria a bid is placed. If the price is accepted the money will be transferred after sending the invoice.